Introduction of SDA

Since our establishment in 2008, we are doing our best every day to provide the best diving tours in a safe, enjoyable and reasonable price.

Dedicated dive boats, Sunrider with 34 divers and Pacific Quest I with 23 divers, owns 2 own boats.

Locally experienced staff guide you through various styles of diving tours, mainly boat diving.

Customers are also divers from Korea, Japan, China, America, Europe, etc., and the atmosphere is very international!!

We are conveying the splendor of Saipan’s sea to divers around the world. A guest house is also attached to the diving shop, so that customers can enjoy diving tours casually and comfortably.

Our Team

Baeksan Lee

General Manager



Diving Pro



Diving Pro


Doojin Yoon

Manager & Diving Instructor



Diving Pro



Diving Pro


The Facility

The largest diving service in the Mariana Islands.

We own Saipan’s largest air filling system with 2 compressors and 15 storage tanks, so we can pump air into our tanks at any time. 250 tanks are always available. Replace the genuine air filter earlier than the manufacturer standard (recommended usage time) to continue supplying clean air to divers at all times.

Our Dive Boats


It is a boat dedicated to diving, and was built by NEWTON DIVE BOAT CO in the US in 2008 under our special order to be suitable for the waters of Saipan.

46 feet long and 16 feet wide. It is the only diving boat in the vicinity of Saipan that has all the necessary facilities and safety facilities for boat diving, such as toilets and showers, as there is enough space for 49 passengers or 34 divers on board.

The engines are two Caterpillars with 455 horsepower and have a total power of over 900 horsepower.

In 2017, one was replaced with a new engine and is in the best condition.

The captain and boat staff do their best every day to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable dive.

Pacific Quest Ⅰ

It is 41 feet in length, can accommodate 34 passengers or 23 divers, and is smaller than the Sunrider, but as a professional diving boat, it is equipped with toilets, showers and safety tanks. It operates mainly from nearby points.