Price per person

Fun Dives$50/1dive$40/per diveGrotto = $10 additional charge
1Boat fee =$25 – $35 (by location)
★For 4 or more participants and 8 or more dives, $35 per dive.

Night Diving

Night dives are held from 2 people or more. $85/per dive
(Beach entry. Grot $10 extra. Light rental)
Please note that we may not be able to accept night diving during the peak season.


Price per person

Full Gear Rental$30/per day50% off for 8 dives or moreAsk about discounts for BYO gear


Price per person

OW$550$500including manual, rental and registration
AOW$500$400including manual, rental and registration
OW+AOW$1,000$850including manual, rental and registration
EFR$250$200including manual, rental and registration
RES$500$500including manual, rental and registration
DM$2,000$1,500manual, rental and registration not included

★If you would like e-learning, please contact us.


Price per person

INTRODUCE DIVING$100/per 1dive$180/per 2diveMinimum 2 people  
Grotto = $10 additional charge
1Boat fee =$25 – $35 (by location)

★ If you apply for 4 or more people and use 8 or more dives, you can enjoy free (skin) diving for $30 per dive.


Price per person

Course 1P2PRemarks
Freediving$50/1dive$40/per dive1Boat fee =$25 -$35 (by location)
★For 2 participants and 8 or more dives, $35 per dive.
★For 4 or more participants and 8 or more dives, $35 per dive.

【Information 】

We are currently suspending the operation of our own boats.

We will let you know as soon as it is ready.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait for a while.

Use, Reservation, Cancellation, Refund Policy
To make a reservation please provide credit card details as a security deposit.

  • If you want to cancel your reservation up to 2 weeks before the start of your dive, we will give you a full refund. We can refund 75% by one week before the cancellation and 50% before 3 days from the activity start date. Within the 3 days leading to your agreed reserved start date, you will not get a 100% refund for any reason due to your circumstances.
    (In the case of training courses, you have to pay for course materials and shipping costs already purchased)
  • If the number of dives are changed by personal circumstances (tiredness, motion sickness, carelessness, etc.), you will not get a 100% refund, and must still pay the total cost, including the boat fee.
  • Please plan ahead (boat or beach), and be properly prepared: towels, sea-sickness medicine, etc.
  • Please be responsible in planning for your own personal needs. (IE: It may be better to dive the afternoon, instead of the same morning your flight arrives)
  • If you have undergone surgery within 5 years, where you are currently under treatment (especially otorhinolaryngology), if you are taking medication for a extended time (especially heart disease, hypertension, allergies, etc.) -Please note that diving may be refused locally and in this case 100% of the total booking fee must be paid. Take these health considerations seriously for your own risk, and if you have any doubts or questions please see a Physician who can do a diver-specific medical examination. In this case, be sure to bring a copy of the physical examination record for our records.
  • We do our best to make it possible to dive at your desired points, but due to weather, boat conditions, reservations, placement of instructors, etc. there may be changes or duplications of diving points scheduled according to local circumstances. In this case, no cancellation fee will be charged and no penalty will be charged.
  • Downtown Garapan and nearby accommodation are free of charge for pickup/drop-off,Depending on distance of other locations, we will apply an additional $10-$20 charge for 1-4 people

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